And we’re going to market like it’s 1999.

Just kidding.

But, in honor of our 20-year anniversary, we’d like to take a look at what the digital marketing landscape was like back when Mainstreethost was founded in 1999.

With 20 years in the digital marketing services world, we’ve seen all kinds of changes: the evolution of search engine optimization and web design standards, mobile-first indexing and responsive design, the ebbs and flows of email marketing and the rise of social media.

So, let’s go back…

Back to a time when The Sixth Sense was a number one movie, Eminem was scaring our parents and Will 2k (Willennium) was topping the charts.

Back to the days before Google was, well, Google and Yahoo, Excite, Dogpile and Lycos were among the top search engines.

Back to where it all started: digital marketing in the 90s.

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