Social Media Management

We are undeniably at that stage when almost everyone and everything we know can be found on the internet. These days, prevailing social media (SM) platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are known to be the public’s go-to sources of information, and it’s no surprise that most businesses already built their online presence through the said platforms. 

Times are indeed changing, and so does technology. And though it seems easy to set up a SM account (there’s usually just just one link and a form to fill out), there is more to social media if you only know how. 

They say living is better than merely existing. Same goes with your business’ Facebook account. More than existing, it needs to be alive! This means engaging with people (aka your potential customers), showcasing and representing your company the best way you can virtually. 

Yes, you may or may not be able to do this yourself, but you’re better off hiring one of our top Social Media Managers who are experts in curating your feed’s content, creating strategies to better market your brand, and execute your social media campaigns.


Whether you’re on social media or not, it’s an inescapable truth that your customers are being attentive to their Social Media accounts for a minimum of 2 hours on a daily basis. Establishing a social media presence, building a following and engaging with them effectively with quality content is a big effort. Social Media Engagement can bring a positive feedback to your business. It can offer social proof of your business, expand your marketing reach, and boost brand awareness.

Business Branding is very important to a business because this is how an organization gets recognition and becomes known to the consumers. Also, a strongly established brand can increase a business’ value by giving the company more leverage in the industry. This makes it a more appealing investment opportunity because of its firmly established place in the marketplace.

Let’s face it. Your business needs a social media presence. It doesn’t matter if you run a little local shop or a large multi-national company. Social media could be a vital piece of your business marketing strategy and can facilitate you to connect together with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales.

Reports are useful to both our clients and to Social Media Managers as this reflects how successful campaigns are. You’ll be able to see which campaign has increased and/or decreased based on the number of followers, page views, profile visits.

Social Media Optimization allows you to make and enhance your Social Media Plan so you’re able to get measurable results. Having a solid social media plan is very important if you want to create a relationship with your target market.

Content Creation is your inbound marketing practice. When creating content, you’re providing free and helpful information to your audience, attracting potential clients to your website, and retaining existing customers through quality engagement.

Graphic Design is a vital tool that enhances your communication with your audience and serves to convey your ideas in an effective way. Companies that invest in quality graphic design are seemed to be more trustworthy. Presentation and perception can make a big impact to the business.

Pricing and Packages


£267 / month
  • 1 Social Media Platform
  • Account Set-Up and Optimization
  • 20 High-Quality Content Creation and Curation
  • 20 Graphics or Short Videos
  • Scheduling and Distribution of Content
  • Hashtag and Keyword Research
  • 4 Hours of Social Listening
  • 20 Hours of Community
  • Management/Engagement
  • Monthly Analytics Report


£415 / month
  • 3 Social Media Platforms
  • Account Set-Up and Optimization
  • 20 High-Quality Content Creation
  • 20 Graphics or Short Videos
  • Scheduling and Distribution of Content Across 3 Platforms
  • Hashtag and Keyword Research
  • 6 Hours of Social Listening
  • 30 Hours of Community Management/Engagement
  • Monthly Analytics Report

Starter Kit

  • Social Media Account Check-Up and Assessment
  • 30-minute Discovery Call
  • 30-minute Strategy Session
  • 30-minute Handover and Q&A Session
  • 1-Month Strategy Proposal
  • 1-Month Social Media Calendar
  • Assistance with: Accounts Set-Up or Bio Optimisation
  • Branded Templates for Graphics Creation
  • 4 Motivational Image Quotes
  • Video Tutorials:
    What Social Media Platforms To Use
    Content Management
    Content Types You Can Post
    Understanding Your Account's Insights
    Best Days and Times To Post
    Tools and Apps You Can Use
    Navigating Facebook and Instagram


The short answer: A LOT!

Social Media Managers write posts, make graphics, create content strategy that is suitable for business needs, answer questions and comments, create insight reports, plan and implement ad campaigns, etc. They do basically almost all the actions needed to be done on Social Media platforms that will help your business become more visible to potential customers.

Sure – you can do content creation and posting, and maybe all other tasks that a Social Media Manager can do: IF you have the luxury of time. Making strategies and planning for future content, creating Social Media Ad Campaigns, graphic design, not to mention, the content (text and image) that comes with every material you need to be posting on each of your Social Media accounts do take up a huge bulk in your daily schedule. Social Media Managers also create reports and insights that serve as the indicator for the effectivity of campaigns. Social Media Management is an important tool for every business who would like to gain more exposure to a broader audience and we recommend to let an expert do this job for you.

Yes, the Social Media Manager will post on your behalf, on your Social Media accounts.

There are a lot of password managers and vault software for sharing login credentials securely such as LastPass. Aside from these applications, our Social Media Managers are professionals who know that confidentiality and security of Client’s data will always come first.

You don’t. Due to social media limitations (blocked accounts due to spam-ish comments or messages) and the fact that creative juices do not come in the same time everyday, makes time-tracking a challenge for this role. Social Media Management is output and results-oriented, and you see what you pay for by the results rather than working hours.

Our Social Media Managers are highly-qualified and best-of-the-breed, with years of experience and training, and has strong business acumen and attitude above all.

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